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Gothic Dream (1996)
(1) She Walks in Beauty (Byron) 
(2) Knight of the Silver Sword (instrumental) 
(3) A Face to Die For (Carmen Willcox) 
(4) Tower of Enchentments (instrumental) 
(6) Stolen Maiden (Carmen Willcox) 
(7) Gothic Dream (instrumental) 
(8) Crusader's Lament (Carmen Willcox) 
(9) My Lady Dances (instrumental) 
(10) La Belle Dame sans Merci (Keats) 
(11) Immortal Moments (instrumental) 
(12) Dream Within a Dream (E. A. Poe) 
Search for the Dreamchild (1995)
(1) Overture / From Angels to Lovers 
(2) Agnus Dei 
(3) Barefoot Angel 
(4) Bound to Desire 
(5) Devotion 
(6) Stay 
(7) Eternal Dance 
(8) Conquest 
(9) Seduction 
(10) Longing 
Jim Mc Carty/ Yardbird/ Renaissance



♥ Aaron English ♥

All the Waters of This World is the self-produced debut album from Seattle-based piano-vocalist Aaron English. His style is rock, but progressive and cosmopolitan: "world-beat" in the vein of Peter Gabriel, Paul Simon, and Sting. The scope of the album is epic, the five-piece band often augmented by full string orchestrations, Middle Eastern or West African drum ensembles, a mariachi band, hurdy-gurdy through a wah-wah pedal or didjeridu layered with programmed beats. 

To bring All the Waters of This World into the world, English built a studio in a ninety-year-old barn in Seattle and, together with co-producer/bandmates Patrick Strole and Don Gunn, spent a year recording over 400 hours of tracks for the album and tackling the massive task of post-production and mixing. Other core contributors included New Yorkers Meredith Yayanos (violin), Aerin Tedesco (vocals) and Miguel Mateus (bass), who flew into Seattle for several weeks of song arrangement, rehearsal and recording. 

Aaron continues to receive critical recognition and awards for his recordings and live show, including: 

- Finalist in the 'Best Male Singer-Songwriter Album' and 'Best Electronica Song' categories in the 2004 Just Plain Folks Music Awards. 

- Semi-finalist in the 2002 Coca-Cola/American Music Awards New Artist Competition. 

- Finalist in Atlantic Records' Soul City Music Quest in 2003 (the winner toured with Jewel as an opening act on the world tour).

ALBUM ''All the Waters of This World'' 
1. Sea of Nectar 4:42 
2. Deep Blue Quiet Places 4:34
3. The Lullaby of Loneliness 4:26
4. All the Waters of This World 4:33
5. Ghost is Broken 4:20
6. Flower of Lebanon 4:03 
8. Mandeleine 5:50
10. Lullaby 3:53
11. Animals Like Us 4:21

The Marriage of the Sun and the Moon
1. The Marriage of the Sun and the Moon 4:03
2. Thin Ice 4:12
4. Lovers in the Red Sky 4:45
5. Weeping Wind 2:31
6. Brittle 4:29 
12. Moon Murmurs 3:20



In October it will be 25 years since the release of Fisherman's Blues. To celebrate, on 14th October EMI Records will release a 7-CD set titled FISHERMAN'S BOX, containing 121 tracks from the album sessions including all those on the original record and previous editions plus an incredible 85 unreleased tracks. The contents have been selected and annotated by Mike Scott, with sleevenotes by Decemberists' singer and long-time Fisherman's Blues aficionado, Colin Meloy. We'll be announcing the tracklists of the 7 CDs throughout spring & summer.
As a further celebration, The Waterboys will play a special tour of Britain and Ireland this December titled FISHERMAN'S BLUES REVISITED, reuniting Mike and Steve with Fisherman's-era members Anto Thistlethwaite and Trevor Hutchinson. The famous four will be joined by drummer Ralph Salmins and the shows will be a re-exploration of the Fisherman's Blues period. Says Mike: "We won't play the original album in order or anything tame like that. That's not the Waterboys' style. Instead we'll be roaming our old repertoire in a new expression of the freewheeling, improvised spirit of The Waterboys in those days. We want to get that old fire burning again, and I wanna hear Steve and Anto wailing like the two-man orchestra we all remember."
Tickets for the 13 shows go on sale this FRIDAY 22nd MARCH at 9am. Dates as follows: